The Hoovah "Silver Fox"

You should be able to look great on a bad hair day!

I love to have the freedom to not to do my hair every day and still be presentable. This precious piece gives me not only that freedom, but it also boosts my confidence.

Whether it’s denim and a tank top or a culture night at the Opera, this lovable, little darling will complete your outfit. Even if you are butt naked, it will give you a killer look!

It’s handmade in jersey with draped details. And it’s washable!

You can get Hoova in Black and Beige as well!

The Hoovah is a one-size piece and will fit most people. You can measure your head with a tape measure and if you are anywhere between 52-58cm it will fit you. If your head is a bit smaller or larger and you are dying to get a Hoovah – your are welcome to write me and maybe I can create one specially for you! Same price. Same love.


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