Sacred Temple Setup

This is an Alter, a Temple, a beautiful sacred space with many possibilities.

This is an original art piece and the combination of crystals is unique. I chose the raw amethyst because its qualities reflect the perfect combination to build your own personal temple. I encourage you to add your personal things to the temple, like feathers, stones, shells, pictures or statues, to create your own personal sacred space.

The set of the Sacred Temple Setup holds the original painting ( mixed media with ink, watercolor and acrylic pen) in a wooden frame with glass.

A lightweight wooden box (Empress wood).

with the crystals complementing the artpiece.


The crystals are:

One medium sized raw Amethyst,

Small Crystals:

-Clear Quartz,


-Rose Quartz,


-Smokey Quartz,




-Black tourmaline.


A little candle

Art cards with handwritten text on the back

Palo Santo (2 sticks)


The painting in itself represents a temple inspired by the simple Japanese architecture. The technique I used is ink and watercolors for the background and acrylic pen with dot technique representing the Temple in the colorful but calming surrounding of purple and rose colors. The size is A4; 21x29cm.


This space is yours, its purpose is to motivate you, to connect, to balance, to get ideas, to open up. It´s here where you can sit and meditate, you can stare at it, or you can keep it hidden somewhere in your home. Whether you use it as decoration, to create your own altar, or to add on your existing sacred space, the crystals and art-piece are there for you to enjoy, to relax you, and for you to have beautiful healing energy in your own four walls.

The crystals are cleansed and programmed with loving energy, it is yours to feel which crystal serves you best in each moment, each day. They all are givers of positive energy.

There is only one Temple like this. I don't make copies.

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